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Hytech Spring and Manufacturing

“Our Priority is to meet & exceed our customers’ standards for quality in everything we do.”

Andrew Magiera
Founder, HyTech







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Providing custom engineered solutions since 1984.  We handle the tough assignments; in fact, we excel at them.   At HyTech, we design and manufacture springs, wireforms, custom wire products and precision machined parts for a host of industries from medical and aerospace to automotive and national defense. Our commitment to customer service and the efforts we put into creating good working partnerships means we go the extra distance to find innovative answers to new challenges. As a customer-oriented company, we have the ability and core technology to respond quickly as we serve numerous markets.


At HyTech we use CNC production centers to custom manufacture precision parts. We have in-depth experience with commercial grades of carbon steels and alloy steels, and we frequently produce parts from a range of stainless steels, tool steels, cast iron and exotic materials as well as many plastics and foams. Our engineering team considers all aspects of your project, including ease of manufacturing, metallurgy and functionality.


HyTech serves a diverse range of industries including automotive, medical, aircraft, military, thermo-forming, printing and material handling equipment – each industry has its own set of stringent requirements. Our scope and experience will be an asset to your next project. 


For your next precision product, select HyTech as your complete source for quality production, timely delivery and fair prices. Through design modification we may be able to save you money. We offer a variety of services including:


  • Prototypes
  • Technical assistance
  • Selection of material
  • CAD design and testing
  • Applications engineering
  • Production runs of any size
  • Parts assembly
  • Cleaning and finishing
  • Special packaging


Specializing in miniature springs:


No matter how small, HyTech does it all. From spring design and tool building to manufacturing or the finished product, HyTech will meet, and exceed, your needs. Our scope and experience will be an asset to your next project.


HyTech manufactures many types of springs including:

  • Micro springs
  • Miniature springs
  • Medical coils
  • Orthodontic wire forms
  • Pull-return springs
  • Automotive interior springs
  • Garter and seal springs
  • Variable pitch and multi-pitch coils
  • Conical

Compression Springs


Compression springs are the most common type of spring. We manufacture a wide range of springs with open, closed and ground ends from wire .002” diameter up to .165” diameter. Our CNC grinding department offers automated feeding to grinders, crush grinding and down-feed grinding, holding very close tolerances.



HyTech supplies standard and custom extension springs with a wide range of difficult hook configurations.  We provide flawless manufacturing of high precision springs made from wire .002” diameter up to .178” diameter.


We offer a variety of different types of end configurations:


  •  Open and closed
  •  Crossover (English) hook
  •  Machine (German) Hook
  •  Side hooks
  •  Full round loop
  •  D loops
  •  Custom hooks



HyTech manufactures torsion springs used in electronics and communication equipment, sensors and switches, office products as well as in electrical interconnects and acoustic equipment. We offer left and right hands coils, single and double torsion springs with complex leg configurations in wire sizes from .002” round and shaped wire up to .178”.





HyTech has the capability to produce a full range of wire forms made from a wide variety of wire types using .002” diameter up to .500” diameter. We manufacture miniature and micro wire forms such as, hairpin clips, ligation clips and rings and more. Through design modification we may be able to offer cost savings. Our engineering team considers all aspects of your project including design, ease of manufacturing, metallurgy and functionality.





Custom wire products are often used in the medical industry, HyTech can produce a full range of custom wire products made from a wide variety of materials.  Wire sizes range from .002” diameter up to .240” diameter.  We offer wire straightening of .004” diameter to .236” diameter wire with burr free ends, cut to close tolerances.  Ends can be ground to custom shapes such as spherical or bullet point.  Centerless, cylindrical, electrochemical and profile grinding is available as well as Wire EDM.  We offer ultrasonic cleaning and special packaging to satisfy our customers’ needs.



Custom precision machining processes at HyTech include:


  • Swiss Tuning
  • Milling – CNC and manual
  • Turning – CNC and manual
  • Grinding – OD (CNC), ID as well as centerless
  • Electrochemical grinding (ECG)
  • Wire EDM
  • Honing
  • CMM (60” x 24” x 24”) in house inspection
  • Complete thermoforming tooling
  • Tooling solutions for aerospace, spring manufacturing and forming industries
  • Components and subassemblies for label printing and industrial equipment
  • Engraving, etching and textured designs



HyTech can complement your spring, wireform, custom wire product or precision-machined part with important secondary operations and services that further enhance your product. From plasma and laser welding to assembly, packing and inventory management solutions, HyTech can meet your needs.


  • Full Manufacturing Process Mangement 
  • Assembly
  • Plasma and laser welding
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Wire straightening
  • Electro Chemical Grinding (ECG)
  • Heat treating and stress relieving
  • Passivation
  • Sound dampening
  • Shrink tube
  • Special packaging – returnable, disposable or custom
  • 100% inspection
  • Vision system sorting
  • Fixtures and tooling built in house
  • Assembly
  • Color coding
  • Bar Coding
  • KANBAN deliver
  • Vendor Managed Inventory



HyTech Spring and Machine Corporation strives to provide our customers with products and services that meet and exceed their expectations. We understand that customers, employees and the environment we operate in are the vessels of our success.


We will remain successful by:


  • Using innovative methods and advanced technology
  • Providing our employees with a safe, stable and professionally stimulating environment.
  • Retaining and expanding our customer base.
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with our vendors.
  • Generating fair and equitable returns for the present and future owners.


Our commitment to customer service and the efforts we put into creating good working partnerships means we go the extra distance to find innovative answers to new challenges. As a customer-oriented company, we have the ability and core technology to move quickly and service numerous markets.