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Medical Product Manufacturing

Why HyTech for Medical Manufacturing, Machining, and Assembly

HyTech offers unique advantages for the medical market of today and beyond.  Our diverse precision manufacturing capabilities, supported by our engineering expertise, is exactly why and how we have excelled in producing quality components for today’s medical industry.  Thanks to our experience supplying to the comprehensive quality requirements of the automotive and aerospace industries we possess the skills and quality system to fulfill the comprehensive requirements of today’s medical field.  HyTech has mastered processes critical to the medical industry including the manufacturing of miniature springs, machine components, and complete cannula and hypotube processing.  We have the knowledge, equipment, and qualified staff to meet all your needs from rapid prototypes to precision high volume production.



The Best Medical Manufacturing


Growth in the medical device market has been a natural extension of our strong background in the automotive and aerospace fields.  With a quality system tested and proven in these industries, extending it to fulfill the requirements of the medical field has been a smooth progression.  We have excelled in miniature springs and machined components since HyTech’s founding; exactly the types of core components used in medical devices.  Minimally invasive devices rely on the miniature products HyTech has manufactured with outstanding quality, delivery, and cost performance for many years.

HyTech’s unique product blend with both wireforming and machining allows us to provide many value-added services to our customers.  We are capable of producing formed wire products and machining features on them.  In house ultrasonic cleaning or passivation, clean room assembly and packaging mean you get your device or sub-assembly complete from a single-source rather than multiple vendors. 


Medical components are made in a wide variety of materials, and processes.  


The materials used for the majority of medical devices must be bio-compatible.  Nickel alloys, such as Nitinol and MP35N are often specified for this purpose.  They have excellent mechanical properties and are often used for their radiopacity.  HyTech has experience in processing these and other specialty alloys as well as the more common grades of stainless and carbon steel.

Process categories at HyTech include:

  • Complete wireforming
  • Precision spring coiling and forming (e.g., miniature compression, extension, and torsion springs)
  • Advanced processing of stainless steel hypotube for cannulae and other applications
  • Full CNC machining and grinding
  • Welding, grinding, and machining of wireform products (e.g., cutting wires, guidewires, obturator rods, etc.)
  • In house ultrasonic cleaning
  • Clean room assembly and packaging

Please contact us today with your technical challenges, HyTech wants to help you!



Some examples of medical products Hy Tech currently manufactures are:


  • Orthodontic wireform 
  • Stainless steel hypotube/cannula products
  • Precision Swiss machined components
  • Needle stick safety mechanisms 
  • Reinforcement coils

Example of medical product types Hy Tech manufactures are:

  • Orthodontic wireforms
  • Stainless steel hypotube products
  • Precision Swiss machined components
  • Needle safety mechanism components
  • Reinforcement coils

Please contact us today with your technical challenges, HyTech wants to help you!

HyTech invites you to view the medical components we have made in our product gallery.


HyTech Medical Manufacturing can meet any demand and industry expectation


HyTech offers distinct advantages to meet the challenges of not only today’s medical market but also tomorrow’s.  Our engineering expertise and high precision manufacturing capabilities are a perfect match to the rigorous quality, delivery, and cost demands of the medical industry. 

From rapid prototypes to precision, high volume production, HyTech can deliver miniature springs, precision machined components, cannula components, and complete device assemblies. 


Medical Manufacturing Needs and Capabilities  


Medical device manufacturers require a supply partner that understands the unique requirements and challenges they face.  While HyTech did get its start as an automotive and aerospace supplier, we have become well-versed in meeting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as laid out in FDA 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485.  As the majority of these are overlapping practices from ISO 9001 and TS 16949 we are not only familiar with but compliant to these systems and will be achieving certification to ISO 13485 in the very near future.

Whether your device is Class I, Class II, or Class III, HyTech has the processes, quality controls, and engineering expertise to support your component and assembly requirements.

Combining wireforming with precision machining means a unique capability well suited for medical devices:

  • Complete precision processing of stainless steel hypotube for cannulas and otherapplications.
  • Precision miniature machining
  • Machining and grinding
  • Forming, welding, grinding, and machine of wire
  • Of course, miniature compression, extension, and torsion springs
  • In house ultrasonic cleaning, and clean room packaging and assembly


Medical devices are precise, exacting and often push the limits of material properties qualifications and manufacturing processes.

Here is a sample of our services and products sought frequently by medical customers.


  • Orthodontic wireforms and lip bumpers
  • Cannula/hypotube products
    • Flared
    • Notched
    • Burr-free ECG cut-to-length
    • Multiple notch
    • Bead blasting
    • Wall thicknesses down to .003” thin and ODs as small as .020”
  • Wire straightening and cut-to-lengthFray-free cable cutting
    • Material sizes down to .002” diameter
  • Miniature wireforms and springsPrecision CNC and Swiss Machining
    • Material sizes down to .001” diameter
  • Class 10,000 Clean Room for sub-assembly and full device assembly


Exact Medical Manufacturing

The manufacturing of exacting medical devices is just the type of challenge HyTech seeks.  HyTech’s quality and attention to detail can be witnessed from a spring of near microscopic size within an implantable medical device where reliability is paramount to a large-scale wireform component of equally demanding performance.  HyTech’s process engineering and precision manufacturing help us stand out from our competitors.

Our investment in clean room environments and specialized machinery to produce cannula and windings for catheters and other devices are evidence of our commitment to medical manufacturing.  If manufacturing equipment isn’t available to produce the part you need, we have the facilities and expertise to design and build equipment in-house.

We invite you to review our capabilities and the parts we’ve produced for our medical customers and then contact us about your specific needs.  We welcome your toughest challenges.


  • New product engineering and process development
  • Clean Room – Class 10,000
  • Cannula – ECG cut-off, Flare, Clean, Sandblast, notch, and multiple notch
  • Assembly
  • Cable – Fray-free, cut-to-length
  • Miniature springs and wireforms
  • Orthodontic wireforms


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