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Speciality Products Manufacturing

HyTech Speciality Products Machining 

  • You’ve used a HyTech product today. Durable, versatile, innovative in design and manufacturing, HyTech springs and precision machined components are in products you use every day and in exotic applications many people have never dreamt of.

Major and Small Appliances

  • Products you use in the home every day rely on HyTech reliability and ingenuity. As appliances continue to shrink, the engineering innovation HyTech provides becomes increasingly important.  

Office furniture products and equipment

  • Seating products, storage units and other office products depend on HyTech springs, wireforms, and precision machined products to deliver superior performance over a long service life.

Construction equipment

  • HyTech’s reputation for durability leads many equipment manufacturers to seek out a HyTech solution to their most demanding applications

Mining and Oil exploration


  • Rugged, severe conditions found in this industry demand the reliability and resilience of HyTech springs, wireforms, and machined parts.  HyTech’s expertise in materials and metallurgy allows us to create custom parts not possible with other suppliers.

Electrical and electronics

  • Continued miniaturization of electronic components means greater reliance on micro springs and wireforms that HyTech delivers.  

Precision instruments

  • The accuracy and precision needed in this industry means relying on a HyTech spring, machined component, or assembly product of equally exacting requirements.  HyTech is the choice for leading precision instrument and equipment makers.  


  • It’s likely you’ve recently touched a product that contains a HyTech spring or wireform.  The leading names in hardware and tools use HyTech inside.

Government Contractors, weapons and small arms

  • Such exotic products as automatic firearms have HyTech engineering and innovative spring products, such as magazine springs and firing pins at their heart.

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